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Fic: Kitty's New Mission (Glee/X-Men, Quinn/Nightcrawler, Cyclops/Rogue & Shadowcat, Rated G)

Title: Kitty's New Mission
Fandoms: Glee and X-Men: Evolution
Pairings: Quinn/Nightcrawler & Scott/Rogue
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: AU!XME/Glee World. Takes place in a slightly altered XME S2. Quinn joined in Growing Pains. Post S1 for Glee, in which Quinn’s powers emerged after giving birth to Beth.
Summary: Thanks to Rogue, Kitty's on a new mission to get Quinn and Nightcrawler together.
Notes: Written for [info]crossovers50 prompt Writer's choice and written for [info]galorechallenge prompt Nightcrawler/Quinn - crush/friends. This completely just randomly came to me when I was trying to think of what new Quinn crossover I could write, and I’m glad it did because it has several things I like… including Scogue, which if you dislike – I’m sorry but then I’m not as well. Just try and enjoy the drabble anyway. I might make more of this… because well, I really like this storyline… and I would like more Quinn/Kurt scenes.
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kitty's new mission........ )
Tags: -fanfiction, cyclops, nightcrawler, nightcrawler/quinn, quinn, rogue, shadowcat, x-men evolution
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