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Super Glee RPG

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Lima, OH looks like any other small town in the middle of America. It's citizens are the epitome of normal, and nothing much ever happens. But things are not all as they appear in this small town, and things are far from normal. 60 years ago, during the height of the McCarthy-era, Lima was turned from a normal, all-American town into a holding area for people with...abilities. A statue was erected in the center of town that suppressed these powers, and over time people forgot they'd ever been different.

On July 4th, 2011, 60 years to the day the statue was erected, a freak lightning storm swept through town. The damage to Lima itself was minimal, but the statue was destroyed. For weeks, no one noticed anything was different, until one was. No one quite knows who was the first, but by the time August began nearly every teenager in Lima was exhibiting odd...symptoms. Headaches, fevers, vomiting...people thought it was just a massive flu outbreak, but the truth was far more than that.

And then suddenly...the symptoms stopped. Almost as if they'd never been there to begin with. Things went back to normal, a new statue was put up in place of the old one, and life went on. But this statue wasn't like the old one, made of simple stone and plaster, and nature can only go so long before correcting itself.

For the players: As of game start, no one will have powers. They will develop slowly over the course of the game and at different rates for different characters. More information can be found in the powers post.

Most Wanted: Santana, Tina, Brittany, Mercedes, Lauren, Finn, Artie, Blaine, Azimio, Jocks, Warblers and More!

Game Starts August 20th!
Or With 10 Applications
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